The Ecology concerns all of us

Respect for the environment, sustainable development and the reuse of resources are key themes in the philosophy of our supplier PORCELANOSA Grupo.

Installing innovative processes and products that respect the environment is a priority for the company and this is in line with the actions of each of the companies that make up the group.

The main objective is to reduce the impact of gas emissions, reduce waste and promote the correct use of water resources. With this in mind, the ecoTech concept was created. It is an initiative aimed at transforming basic raw materials into more environmentally friendly products.

This environmental commitment is materialised through various ecological projects that are part of the systematic nature of all the group’s processes, with the aim of ensuring that its activities do not alter environmental values.

Energy, a precious resource to be respected and maintained

The importance of achieving energy savings and the benefits of internally produced resources have led PORCELANOSA Grupo to invest in improving its facilities to make them more efficient and sustainable.

Until now, one third of the electricity used by the company in its processes has come from in-house generation systems.

Likewise, its plants and facilities are designed and equipped with the aim of preserving the future. This includes the installation of low-energy lighting, the renovation of roofs with translucent materials to make better use of natural light and geothermal energy, which offers enormous advantages over other renewable energies.

Recycling and sustainable development

Recycling is another pillar of the group’s philosophy of sustainable development.

100% of the waste from ceramic tiles is reincorporated into the process after reprocessing. Investment in R&D and innovation in the field of dry laying has made it possible to reuse the ceramic tiles and coverings developed by the company, even once they have been fixed to the substrate.

The best example of sustainable development can be found in the “Ecologic” and “Ciclik” porcelain ranges, collections of tiles made from recycled materials from the production process.

Another of the company’s bets was the compact mineral KRION® Solid Surface, an environmentally friendly and fully recyclable product with multiple functions.


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