Record increase in detached house prices

Prices for owner-occupied housing increased significantly again in the third quarter of 2021. Buyers of detached houses had to pay 4.4 per cent more than in the previous quarter. The price increase for condominiums was slightly less pronounced (+2.0%). Compared to the third quarter of 2020, the price of single-family homes has increased by 9.7 per cent. Condominiums are trading 7.9 per cent higher than a year ago.

The price dynamics in the owner-occupied housing market have clearly intensified once again. Prices are rising significantly in all regions and segments. The price growth of single-family homes in tourist regions is particularly strong. They have become very popular in the homeworking era.

Compared to the previous year, single-family homes in southern Switzerland (+11.7%) and the Bern region (+11.1%) recorded the highest price increases within a year. In contrast, prices rose slightly less in Northwestern Switzerland (+6.4%) and Eastern Switzerland (+7.4%). Prices for owner-occupied apartments rose the most in the Lake Geneva region (+12.3%). The Eastern Switzerland region recorded a relatively small increase in condominium prices compared to the previous year (+2.0%).

The breakdown of price development by type of municipality shows that house prices have risen more strongly over the past year in the tourist municipalities (+18.3%) than in the other municipalities. The highest price increases in the condominium segment were also achieved in the tourist municipalities (+12.9%). With increases of around nine per cent, prices for owner-occupied apartments in the centres and urban municipalities also rose strongly.




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